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Padua 7407
Padua 7407
Padua 7407
Padua 7407


Padua 7407

$265.00 USD

Polished Steel and Black Strap

Case: 39mm 316L stainless steel with 7mm thickness

Movement: Swiss made Ronda 1062 quartz

Crystal: Sapphire crystal

Dial Finish: Enamel

Water Resistance:  5 ATM

Leather: Vegetable tanned full grain Italian calf leather

Strap: 20mm with quick release function

Battery Life: 6 years life expectancy


Classic and Refined Styling

Made from the highest quality materials such as fine Italian leather, sapphire crystal, an enamel dial and a Swiss made movement at it's heart.

We designed the timepiece with a classic and refined style. The perfect watch for both formal or casual attire. Elegant and minimalist it portrays a quiet confidence.

The 39mm size is in the range of traditional dress watch sizes yet flows nicely into the modern size trends also.

Your Padua series watch is a refection of you - high standards, taste and confidence.

The Finest Leather

From Italy we chose the finest leather for your watch.

Full Grain Leather is the highest quality leather available, much higher than Top Grain or Genuine Leather grades.

Our leather is Vegetable Tanned as opposed to Chromium Tanned. The Chrome Tanning process takes only a few days and uses harsh chemicals. It accounts for about 80% of leather tanning in the world and therefore is often used due to its low cost. The Vegetable Tanning process can take up to six weeks and therefore is much more expensive. It is eco-friendly and the end result is a leather that is more durable and produces a nicer finish. This process has been used for thousands of years.

Finally our choice was to use calf leather rather than adult cow leather. Calf leather is much softer and more comfortable to wear. It is a by-product of the food industry. 

Enamel Dial

The Enamel Dial is truly in the domain of luxury.

It is made using silica powder which is created from quartz. The silica powder is applied over the metal dial then placed in an oven at over 1,000 degrees. The silica melts and produces a smooth surface. The dial is then sanded, more silica applied and then sent to the oven again. This process is repeated several times to produce the desired high quality finish. The creation of the enamel dial is time consuming and laborious. It is therefore an expensive process.

In the hands of the artisan the enamel dial is created with passion. The final product always repays with satisfaction.

Padua 7407

Padua 7407

$265.00 USD