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About Us



 Our company and brand Zampieri operates from Canada and was founded by Beniamino Zampieri a citizen of both Canada and Italy.

The story is a simple one and also a true one...

Ben was in the city of Kiev in 2015 and dating a local lady. After a few dates they were sitting in a cafe and the lady asked Ben if he owned a watch. He replied "yes" but added that in this modern age of smart phones he had decided to leave it at home. She mentioned that she did like his style and choice in clothes and that she was quite happy to walk down the  streets of Kiev holding his arm. However, as she continued she said that a man without a watch looks like he is not a serious person.

After returning home Ben gave what she said some thought. Observing people for some time he also concluded that a gentleman with a watch looks like a man who takes his time seriously, pays attention to details and has higher standards. Ben then dusted off his watch that he had received as a gift from his uncles and aunts while visiting them in Italy as a teenager. It was a Swiss made automatic watch. He wore it proudly for many years until the glass crystal was chipped. Not wanting to risk any further damage he put the watch away as it had great sentimental value for him.

Ben decided to purchase a new watch and did his research. However, he found most watches under $500 had low quality materials. Most crystals were cheap and easily scratched. The leather was also cheap, felt like cardboard, stiff and uncomfortable. It was also difficult to find a watch with a Swiss made movement. The typical watches that he could find were watches made from low quality materials, had mediocre styling and called themselves luxurious. They were simply fake values.

Ben was unable to find a good quality watch with great styling. Most of the watches he seen were over priced, low quality watches pretending to be high quality and luxurious. He then decided to make his own watch brand and in so doing help others with the lessons he had learned. Ben designed his own watch using classic styling and incorporated the highest quality materials. The Zampieri watch begins with high quality materials and when assembled transforms into an object with refined styling. For the theme of this new collection Ben drew upon his memories of the city of Padua. A Venetian city where he remembers sitting in an outdoor cafe and watching the local people walk by dressed with fine Italian style. This new creation, our line of refined watches is dedicated to that ancient city.